Prevent Hair Loss in Women - A Myth?

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You've probably already heard of products that claim to be able to prevent hair loss. If you are afraid of this particular scalp problem you might consider trying one of these items for sale. The question though is whether these product claims of prevention are fact or fiction.

The simple truth of the matter is that many of them are fiction. You can only really avoid losing your locks if its possible loss is caused by temporary circumstances. Females may shed a lot of strands if they are under a lot of stress, sick with a severe illness or constantly wear tight hairstyles. In these instances, the loss is often temporary unless scalp scarring happens.

In temporary causes, the key to prevent hair loss is to tackle the possible root cause. You should for example avoid long periods of work and personal stress that could severely impair your immune system and make you sick. You could also make sure that you seek medical attention immediately when you notice that you are not feeling well to avoid making your condition worse. A final common sense preventive technique is to alternate tight with loose hairstyles.

In a lot of women though, falling strands can be the result of hormonal activity. This can happen after delivering a baby or during the menopausal stage. Pregnancy scalp problems are often temporary and get resolved after a few months. It is a different story though for those undergoing menopause. Scalp issues may be more long term and severe. This is where trying to avoid the problem with a variety of products may not work.

It is worth noting though that some products to prevent hair loss support natural supplementation. Even if you are undergoing the menopausal phase and there is nothing you can do about its effects on your locks, it still makes sense to take safe nutrients through food and doctor approved supplements.

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Prevent Hair Loss in Women - A Myth?

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This article was published on 2010/03/31