Teenagers And Eating Disorders

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Teenagers have a litany of problems from peer pressure to rebellion. All of these issues that they have to deal with are a part of growing up. When it becomes a serious problem is when they are unable to balance their life and one problem becomes everything to them. For example, many young teenage girls today think that they are fat. Seeing all of their Hollywood stars on TV looking waif thin doesn’t help. But the difference between a healthy teenage girl and an unhealthy one is that the healthy teen won’t throw up after she eats a hotdog, or not consume anything but water for three day straight. The teens who take simple insecurity and turn it into a sickness are the ones who need immediate help.

During the growing process, teenagers are experiencing myriad of emotional and physical upheaval. Their bodies are changing so rapidly that if they aren’t getting enough nutrition there can be severe consequences like the loss of minerals for bone production, loss of muscle mass, and abnormal menstrual cycles. Lack of proper nutrition during this critical time in development can stunt their growth causing suppression in their height and the delay of puberty.

Regardless of whether your teenager is bulimic or anorexic, an eating disorder is a very serious and life threatening condition. What makes this disorder very deadly is that it isn’t only a physical issues but a mental and emotional one as well. Teens who suffer from this condition have strong ideals about perfection and weight. No matter how thin or fit they become, they still consider themselves overweight and nothing their friends or parents say will change their view of themselves. That is why not only does your teen have to seek clinical help to repair the nutrition loss their body has experienced but they also have to under psychiatric care as well.

Many parents feel at a loss when they have to send their son or daughter away to a rehab facility for an eating disorder. What do you say to the neighbors or other family members about this? You have to realize the even though it is different from drug rehab, you are still doing something important for your child’s life. You are saving them and helping them to grow up healthy. Also, this can help them overcome problems related to addiction that can manifest in excessive drinking or using illegal drugs in the future.

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Teenagers And Eating Disorders

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    Koos Myburgh- 2011/04/06 03:51:19 am

    Short and sweet and to the point. A good way to create awareness. We must do more short punts on the dangers that lurk out there for the children. Well done. Check out my series on being a caregiver for an anorectic. http://health.ezinemark.com/caring-for-an-anorectic-part-1-7d2d883a7497.html

This article was published on 2011/02/11